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  • Vegan Bee Free Honey

    PRISM Vegan Bee Free

    Honey Alternative

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  • Vegan Ginger Honey

    Vegan Bee Free Ginger Honey

    Our Extraordinary Item For Amazing World
    Bee Free Honey with Real Ginger in it

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  • The Amazing taste of Cinnamon

    Bee Free Vegan Cinnamon Honey

    Vegan Honey with pinch of Organic Cinnamon powder
    Western Culture really loves our Cinnamon Varient.

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  • Orange

    Its All Vegan With Oranic Orange

    The Honey that helps lose weight

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  • Blueberry

    Blueberry Vegan Honey

    Helps cure a lot of diseases.
    Real Taste Real Feel

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  • Vegan Cranberry Honey

    Vegan Bee Free Cranberry Honey

    The most loving flavour of all time
    Bee Free Honey made from Organic Cranberries..

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Proudly Made in Canada